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Max Zara Bernstein

Max Zara Bernstein (they/she) was born in Buffalo, NY. They are a lifelong multi-instrumentalist, filmmaker, performer, designer, conceptual artist and scuba diver. They studied experimental film and video production, at the University at Buffalo, and film production and studio art at the University of Colorado at Boulder. They have worked and toured as a technical artist with the media-based theater company Wooster Group, and as a video and sound designer with Michelle Ellsworth, Kaki King, Cindy Kleine, Aynsley Vandenbroucke, Sam Kim, Morgan Gould, Becca Blackwell, and Ondine Geary. In addition, they are one half of the piano harp duo Outlier, a founding member of media art performance group the Flinching Eye Collective, a video artist for Friends Of The Tank, drummer and video designer for the band Eupana, and composer and sound engineer at Tribal Studio. Max is the primary writer, arranger, and producer for Zara and is currently based in Seattle, WA.

Zara Live at The Southgate Roller Rink in Seattle WA

The Live Band

Zara has had several iterations. The current line-up includes Dave Braun on drums, Mal McDowell on bass, Jessica Kitzman on cello, Shelby Mass on violin, and Peter Nelson-King on baritone and trumpet. Previous musicians have included Julian Nguyen on viola, Nikhita Sheller on saxophone, and Angelita Mia on drums.